Monday, March 29, 2010

I H8 Tiger


Okay I'm back. So, I know you're supposed to blog about your ideals, but I'm a dog. Like, a real dog- with paws. I'm huge, and have a huge brain, but I don't have ideals. My brain is still in the "storming" phase (,_storming,_norming_and_performing) , courtesy of a domestic terrorist that occupies 90% of my time. That means I have to squeeze squirrel barking, running, staring at my bowl of filled dog food incase anyone wants to throw down over it before I claim it as my own, pushups, lau-lau, pow-pow, Dau-Dau (a new Daoist spirituality I feel a linguist pull towards for some reason), and Dogbook. (Dad now do you see why I always pee the rug?)

Anyway, this Axis of Evil happens to live in our basement- and the 'rents allow it. It's name is Eyebrow-Claw, but everyone else calls it Tiger.

Luckily, I rained a celestial propaganda campaign against El Tigre so the 'rents now feel only perturbed by Eyebrow-Claw's insistent meowing. And I've been closely monitoring the Thin Red Line where our battles are fought, although Eyebrow-Claw has somehow figured a way to throw her scent onto my floor. I haven't mastered the trick myself (at the behest of several fine rugs which are now donated to my previous co-habitator Clay), but I believe my voice is more than enough bark for that Evil-Doer.

Anyways, I will keep you pawsted on any updates us freedom fighters have in this upcoming battle against Eyebrow-Claw and her army of terror-squad squirrels.

Pawty on,